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Iron plate heating equipment

Iron plate heating equipment

Do you want to choose a cost-effective, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, high-efficiency iron plate heating equipment? Quality treatment electric furnace, forging diathermy equipment production experience, tailor-made suitable iron plate heating equipment for you according to your process needs, telephone consultation to provide iron plate heating equipment quotation plan free of charge.


Iron plate heating equipment has the characteristics:

1. Energy-saving IGBT water-cooled induction heating power control, low power consumption, high production efficiency, more cost-effective than KGPS induction heating power supply.

2. The heating is uniform, and the iron plate heating equipment has less oxide scale during the heating process.

3. The iron plate heating equipment adopts the man-machine interface PLC automatic intelligent control, and one person can operate the production of the whole set of induction heating equipment.

4. The product qualification rate is high. The iron plate heating equipment is equipped with an infrared thermometer, which constantly detects the temperature of the metal workpiece during heating.

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