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How to choose the inductor of induction heating furnace for forging?

How to choose the inductor of induction heating furnace for forging?

1. The inductor of the induction heating furnace for forging is optimized and designed with special computer software based on the process parameters proposed by the user, which can ensure the best electromagnetic coupling efficiency under the same capacity.

2. The whole sensor adopts a prefabricated assembly structure, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of wearing parts. Furnace lining adopts domestically pioneered knotted lining with advanced level, and its refractoriness is ≥1750℃. The coil is wound by a high-quality large-section rectangular copper tube with cooling water flowing in the tube. The surface of the copper tube is insulated by electrostatic spraying, which can achieve H-class insulation. In order to protect its insulation strength, the surface of the coil is coated with moisture-proof insulating enamel first, and then Fix a whole.

3. The induction coil is fixed by a series of bolts and insulating stays welded on its outer circumference. After the coil is fixed, the error of the turn pitch is not more than 0.5mm. After the whole sensor is finished, it becomes a rectangular parallelepiped, which has good shock resistance and integrity.

4. Both ends of the inductor of the induction heating furnace for forging are protected by water-cooled furnace mouth copper plates. The furnace is equipped with a heat-resistant stainless steel pipe water-cooled guide rail, and the surface is coated with a special coating that is resistant to high temperature and wear. The inlet and outlet of the furnace body adopt stainless steel quick-change joints, which can facilitate the replacement and maintenance of the furnace body.

5. The water connection is a quick connector. For reliable electrical connection and quick replacement, 4 large stainless steel bolts are used for connection. When replacing, only need to loosen this bolt and open the water joint locking device.

6. Water quick-change joint: In order to facilitate the replacement of the furnace body, a quick-change joint is used in the design of the pipe joint.

7. Its material is 316 stainless steel. It is mainly composed of threaded connector, hose connector, clasp wrench, sealing gasket, etc. The biggest feature of this kind of quick-change joint is: the threaded connection piece and the hose connection piece can be mutually matched, the clamping wrench is easy to operate, and the sealing performance is good.

8. The furnace frame is a section steel welding component, which contains water circuit, electrical appliances, gas circuit components, capacitor tank circuit copper bars, etc.

9. The coil cement is made of special refractory cement for the coils of the U.S. Allied Mines smelting furnace, which has the characteristics of good strength, high temperature resistance, and good insulation. In addition to effectively ensuring the insulation between turns of the coil, it also plays a great role in the insulation of the furnace body, especially for the heating furnace of large workpieces.