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Performance and characteristics of high frequency quenching equipment

Performance and characteristics of high frequency quenching equipment

1.1. The high-frequency voltage regulation adopts the module phase-locked loop digital pulse trigger circuit, and the three-phase unbalance is less than 0.1%.

1.2. The circuit adopts thyristor module components, which are water-tight, small in size and high in reliability.

1.3. The filament power supply adopts a constant voltage regulator, which has high voltage regulation accuracy, long life and significant energy saving.

1.4. The filament grid is air-cooled, and large-capacity, high-voltage mica capacitors are used for DC blocking.

1.5. The rectifier transformer adopts low-loss transformer.

1.6. The output transformer has a two-dimensional adjustment function, and the relative position adjustment between the sensor and the workpiece is extremely convenient.

1.7. The equipment has overvoltage, overcurrent and underwater pressure protection functions

1.8. The control loop has the functions of soft start and voltage regulation

1.9. It forms a complete set of equipment with the transmission mechanism and the internal circulation cooling system. The degree of automation is extremely high, and the control accuracy and the heat treatment consistency and qualification rate of the parts are high.