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Car (agricultural vehicle) leaf spring end heating furnace

Car (agricultural vehicle) leaf spring end heating furnace

1,Car (agricultural vehicle) leaf spring end heating furnace process parameters and requirements

Equipment use: automotive (agricultural vehicle) leaf spring end heating

Workpiece material: 60Si2Mn 50GrVA 55SiMnVB

Workpiece size: single piece maximum size 2300×1 2 0 x25 ( mm ) ( length x width x thick)

Effective end diathermy size: length 300-450mm width 7 0-1 2 0mm thickness 8 -25mm

Diathermy temperature: ≥ 1100 °C ± 20 °C (heating temperature is uniform, no obvious black marks on the surface)

Continuous production beat: 5-6 heads / minute (end single head)

Sensor customized using demand-side inductor, and capacitor banks installed in one.

The thyristor is manufactured by Hubei Xiangfan Taiji Power Equipment Co., Ltd. or Tsinghua University Power Electronics Factory . In addition to the conventional damage protection, temperature sensing components must be installed to increase overheat protection.

The main switch uses an electric switch with a large current.

2,Car (agricultural vehicle) leaf spring end heating furnace configuration selection method:

Scope of supply:

Serial number name regulation        grid Quantity Total price
1 IF power supply (without compensation capacitor cabinet) KGPS — 400 / 8 1 set  
2 Remote console   1 set  

Price: equipment package dry price (including freight, installation and commissioning fees, random accessories fee): RMB : 200000 yuan.

3 ,Car (agricultural vehicle) leaf spring end heating furnace specifications and technical characteristics:

( 1 ) The startup success rate can reach 100%

( 2 ) The rectification power factor is greater than or equal to 0.92

( 3 ) Power rating: 250 – 400KW

( 4 ) Power supply rated frequency: 6000 – 6500HZ

( 5 ) IF voltage 750V

( 6 ) DC voltage 500V

( 7 ) Power supply noise is less than standard

( 8 ) with internal and external conversion and automatic manual conversion

( 9 ) All digital, no relay control loop, making the system stable and reliable

( 10 ) It has complete protection such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, water pressure and water temperature to ensure that any faults will not damage the equipment components.

( 11 ) Three-phase incoming line does not distinguish phase sequence, can be connected arbitrarily

( 12 ) Easy-to-use “fool” type equipment, never malfunction

( 13 ) The shape and internal components of the equipment are completely supplied by the same supplier as the Shaanxi KTG-400/8 power supply, and the protection can be interchanged.