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What is the temperature control range of industrial chillers?

What is the temperature control range of industrial chillers?

Industrial chillers are commonly used refrigeration equipment in the industrial refrigeration industry. They are characterized by a wide range of types, complete models, affordable prices, special customization, and a wide range of applications. More importantly, industrial chillers have high temperature control accuracy and a large temperature control range. Then, what is the temperature control range of industrial chillers and how to set the temperature.

1. High temperature industrial chiller (5~30℃) ice water machine

This type of chiller uses conventional refrigerants and can control the temperature between 5-30°C. That is to say, when adjusting the temperature control range, the lowest temperature of the industrial chiller is set at 5°C, and the highest temperature is set at 30°C, which is currently the most used temperature control range in the industry. However, there are some requirements to be controlled at 3°C, which needs to be proposed and determined when the industrial chiller scheme is made.

2. Medium temperature industrial chiller (0~-15℃)

Water freezes at 0°C, which is a common sense that both the elderly and children understand. So if the industrial chiller requires sub-zero cryogenic liquid, can this be achieved? The answer is of course yes, the temperature of the medium-temperature industrial chiller can be set at 0℃~-15℃, and the refrigerant can be calcium chloride (salt water) Or ethylene glycol aqueous solution. Chiller

3. Low temperature industrial chiller

It can provide low-temperature industrial chillers below -15℃~-35℃, which are usually used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to reduce the temperature of the reactor materials or condense and recover the materials.

4. Deep low temperature industrial chiller

An industrial chiller that can provide cryogenic liquid below -35℃, we call it a deep-low temperature industrial chiller. It uses a binary cascade or ternary cascade refrigeration system, so it is also called a cascade industrial chiller. It can be seen that the temperature control range of industrial chillers is really wide.