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What are the basic functions of the muffle furnace?

What are the basic functions of the muffle furnace?

Also known as electric furnace, resistance furnace, Maofu furnace, muffle furnace. It adopts periodic operation, and can be used in laboratories/industrial and mining enterprises/scientific research units, etc., for small steel processing, sintering of cermets, dissolution analysis, and high temperature heating.

The box-type muffle furnace is heated by resistance wire, and the temperature is measured by a K-type thermocouple.

The high-temperature furnace liner is made of light-weight new refractory material: type 1430 zirconium-containing ceramic fiber material.

The furnace body is made of thick steel plate, and the surface is sprayed with anti-corrosion and anti-rust coating.

Strong high temperature resistance 1200℃, multi-stage programming possible, precise temperature control, strong firepower, simple operation, safety and quality assurance 1 year warranty