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What are the safety measures for induction heating furnaces?

What are the safety measures for induction heating furnaces?

1. Necessary warnings (lightning symbols, prompt words, partitions, etc.), protection and shielding are provided at the electrical connection parts of the induction heating furnace to protect the safety of maintenance and operators.

2. Interlocking and protection performance of the whole set of equipment; there are emergency stop, overvoltage, overcurrent, lack of phase, inverter failure, voltage cut-off, current cut-off, component over-temperature and cooling system under-voltage water cut, high water temperature (each return water All branches are equipped with temperature detection), automatic feeding and lack of material, interlocking with the next process (fault power reduction in less than 15 minutes, fault shutdown in more than 15 minutes), fault alarm, fault diagnosis, etc., complete, reliable action. Ensure that the induction heating furnace will not be damaged, materialization in the induction heater, personal safety and other failures will occur. (For example, when the cabinet door is opened, the power in the cabinet must be automatically cut off, etc.)

3. The whole set of equipment is reliable to start and stop, and the timing is reasonable, which can effectively avoid the harm to the induction heating furnace and the human body caused by misoperation.

4. Manufacture and installation are carried out in accordance with the Ministry of Machinery Industry’s “Safety Evaluation Standards for Machinery Plants”.

5. Manufactured according to national induction heating furnace standards, in line with national environmental protection and safety standards.