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Epoxy pipe manufacturers recommend using epoxy resin products

Epoxy pipe manufacturers recommend using epoxy resin products

Epoxy pipe manufacturers recommend using epoxy resin products:

The epoxy resin board product is a rigid board-shaped insulating material made of impregnated paper, cotton cloth, glass cloth, impregnated phenolic, epoxy resin, and baked and hot pressed. The epoxy resin board has high mechanical strength, dielectric properties, oil resistance and corrosion resistance. The epoxy resin board is suitable for insulating structural parts in electrical machinery and electrical equipment with high requirements, and can be used in humid environments and transformers. The heat resistance grade is Class B.

Epoxy resin board has the following characteristics:

1). High temperature resistance: contact with the common high temperature of 600 ℃ in the laboratory, no bubbles or breakage, especially suitable for long-term storage in the fume hood of the combustion electric furnace.

2).24 hours super corrosion resistance: strong resistance to most corrosive chemical agents.

3). Absolutely moisture-proof: it does not contain any paper components, it will not absorb moisture in the air, and it will not warp and deform after installation. It is especially used in the area of ​​splashing water.

4). Pollution resistance: smooth surface, no capillary pores, no dirt accumulation, effectively inhibiting the growth of bacteria, such as SARS virus, etc., especially suitable for medical and biological laboratories.

5). Safe and reliable: no asbestos, non-flammable, non-conductive, no toxic gas is generated when heated, and it will not harm the safety and health of operators.

6). Durable and durable: one piece through the core, no delamination, no expansion, no cracking, can be refurbished and repaired after the surface is scratched.

7). Cost-effective: the unique 19mm thickness is the most cost-effective laboratory table system on the market.

8). Beautiful appearance: smooth surface, reflective bottom, easy to clean and maintain.

9). Uniform color: ensure that the color of different batches of products is constant and uniform, and multi-color options are available.