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What is a curved caster ?

What is a curved caster ?

The crystallizer of the arc continuous casting machine is curved, and the nip roller of the second cold zone is installed in a quarter arc. The slab is straightened at the tangent point of the vertical center line, and then cut into a fixed length, from the horizontal direction. The blank is thus drawn, so that the height of the casting machine is substantially equal to the radius of the arc. The main features of this continuous casting machine are:

1 Because it is arranged in the range of 1/4 arc, its height is lower than that of vertical and vertical bending. This feature makes its equipment lighter, the investment cost is lower, and the equipment is easy to install and maintain. And thus is widely used.

2 Due to the low height of the equipment, the static pressure of the molten steel that the slab is subjected to during the solidification process is relatively small, which can reduce the internal crack and segregation caused by the deformation of the bulge, which is beneficial to improve the quality of the slab and increase the pulling speed.

The main problem of the 3 arc continuous casting mechanism is that the non-metallic inclusions tend to accumulate toward the inner arc side during the solidification process, which tends to cause uneven distribution of inclusions inside the casting blank. In addition, due to the uneven cooling of the inner and outer arcs, It is easy to cause segregation at the center of the slab and reduce the quality of the slab.