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Application field of induction heating furnace

Application field of induction heating furnace

1. Welding: cutting tools, drilling tools, knives, woodworking tools, turning tools, drill bits, brazing, reamers, milling cutters, drill bits, saw blade serrations, mirror frames in the glasses industry, welding of steel pipes, copper pipes, picks Welding, welding of the same kind of dissimilar metals, compressors, pressure gauges, relay contact points, composite welding of different materials at the bottom of stainless steel pots, welding and storage of copper wires in transformer windings (welding of gas nozzles, welding of stainless steel dishes, welding of kitchen utensils) .

2. Heat treatment: hardening and annealing of gears, machine tool guides, hardware tools, pneumatic tools, electric tools, hydraulic parts, ductile iron, auto parts, internal parts and other mechanical metal parts (surface, inner hole, part, whole), stainless steel The pan product stretches.

3. Diathermy forming: standard parts, fasteners, large workpieces, small hardware parts, straight shank twist drills, whole, partial heat and hot heading and hot rolling of twist drills, round steel with a diameter of less than 100mm, and metal materials Heating annealing for drawing, modeling, embossing, bending, smashing, steel wire (iron wire) heating nails, stainless steel products annealing, drawing, expansion, thermal expansion, etc.

4. Other heating fields: heating coating of aluminum plastic pipes, steel plastic pipes, cables and wires, metal preheating plastic coating, semiconductor single crystal growth, heat fitting, bottle mouth heat sealing, toothpaste heat sealing, powder coating, Metal implants in aluminum foil seals used in plastics, food, beverages, and pharmaceutical industries.