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Safety operation rules for high frequency quenching equipment

Safety operation rules for high frequency quenching equipment

1. Operators of high-frequency quenching equipment must pass the examination and obtain an operation certificate before they are allowed to operate. The operator should be familiar with the performance and structure of the equipment, and must abide by the safety and shift system;

2. The high-frequency power supply host, quenching transformer, and transmission mechanism should be grounded reliably, and the grounding reliability should be checked frequently.

3. Around the high-frequency equipment, operators should take necessary protective measures according to the requirements of the manual.

4. Do not short-circuit the contacts of the protection switch in the equipment, and do not remove the closing device of the equipment.

5. All operations other than normal heat treatment actions should be performed with the power supply of the equipment cut off.

8. The equipment should be inspected, maintained and maintained regularly.

6. If abnormal phenomena are found in the working process of the high-frequency quenching equipment, the high voltage should be cut off first, and then the faults should be analyzed and eliminated.

7. Non-high frequency operators should not enter the work area.