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Why choose China Songdao Technology Steel Bar Heat Treatment Furnace?

Why choose China Songdao Technology Steel Bar Heat Treatment Furnace?

China Songdao Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise with a good reputation and has provided users with heating equipment for many years. China Songdao Technology has rich experience in designing, developing and manufacturing steel bar heat treatment furnaces in the field of steel bar heat treatment induction heating production equipment. There are many on-site cases, and the company also undertakes the design and manufacture of various non-standard steel bar heat treatment furnaces.

The steel rod heat treatment furnace is used to prepare various workpieces.

Widely used in petroleum machinery: oil pipe, geological drill pipe, drill heat treatment. Engineering machinery: steel tube quenching and tempering, steel tube annealing, piston rod quenching and tempering heat treatment. Mining machinery: single column, suspended column, metal roof beam, etc. modulation treatment.

Heat treatment furnace structure:

Feeding mechanism, feeding mechanism, quenching induction heating system, quenching spray system, tempering induction heating system, feeding system, programmable controller master console, etc.

The steel bar heat treatment furnace is a next-generation energy-saving equipment designed with the most advanced automatic program control system, which can meet the quenching, tempering, normalizing and annealing technology of steel bars, steel pipes and large and small steel bars.

The technology and service provided by China Songdao Technology Steel Bar Heat Treatment Furnace.

We can provide professional design solutions for each user, and provide a special matching design for each user’s power supply. We can use economical and energy-saving equipment to meet the production needs of users. Ensure that each set of induction heating equipment operates reliably during its service life.

Powerful after-sales service system:

Integrity corporate culture and perfect after-sales service provide you with safety guarantee.

China Songdao Technology has won the unanimous praise of many domestic and foreign customers with its professional production team, fast production speed, years of steel bar heat treatment furnace design and production experience, high cost performance and perfect after-sales service. China Songdao Technology Co., Ltd. looks forward to working with you to create a better future!