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How to choose epoxy fiberglass board?

How to choose epoxy fiberglass board?

1. From the price

As the saying goes, there is no good product. Of course, low prices are good, but don’t use this as an important criterion for buying epoxy glass fiberboard. This morning, a customer asked me if I have 10 yuan/kg of epoxy. Board, I want to be a professional, at least to know that epoxy glass fiber board is made of resin and epoxy glass fiber cloth heated and pressurized, even the rags cost 2 yuan/kg, and the epoxy resin does not need to be said. Of course, it is certain that what he wants is the low-end type that can be called phenolic board, and if you plan to buy FR-4 for 10 yuan, and someone promises to supply it, then I don’t want to say What’s the matter, of course, the more expensive the better, in short, the price is one of the standards to measure the product;

2. From the company/brand

Choose a place to buy goods, then even if you are half successful, there are actually several brands of fiberglass boards, but because epoxy boards are relatively special, most of them rely on dealers, so less brand-related information is printed on the boards. , But there are a few points to know. First of all, remember to ask for a product sample before buying. Once you get the sample, you can at least see the flatness of the board. Then ask for the product report, product company, parameters and other related information. If the company can provide them one by one, it is considered to have passed the second level;

3. From the product itself

Through the above several links, it is estimated that you are already bargaining with the supplier. Usually the specifications of the samples are A4 size, and the so-called Yiye Zhiqiu means that you see the sample, which is actually part of the product, which requires you to analyze it. Judgment, the conclusion of whether to buy after drawing, the judgment criterion can refer to the color, texture, uniformity, toughness, fire inspection and other methods to distinguish;