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Precautions for maintenance of metal melting furnace

Precautions for maintenance of metal melting furnace

(1) Whether the wire trough above the inverter resistance-capacitance protection is dropped, so as to avoid short-circuit, non-inductive resistance and burn out the KK tube. If you find it, you can tie it with a tie immediately.

(2) The screws and water clamps of the equipment need to be tightened once a week to avoid damage to the equipment caused by falling or loosening.

(3) Observe whether the hydraulic oil is insufficient or not once a week. Generally, there must be at least 80% of the oil volume.

(4) Depending on the place, the water quality of some manufacturers is relatively low, please do a good job of whether the water distributor in the cabinet of the metal melting furnace is rotten or not. If it is serious, please make a set of water distributors so that they can be replaced in time. , It is strictly forbidden to weld on the machine after disassembly one by one. This will seriously affect the production schedule and cause unnecessary time loss. Generally, the water distributor is replaced once every 3 months for the open water system. If the system is completely closed, try to replace it every six months to once a year.