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Long Aluminum Rod Heating Furnace

Long Aluminum Rod Heating Furnace

The new generation of long aluminum rod heating furnace is called “the leader in walking”, shuttle in the major heat treatment plants, the new generation of long aluminum rod heating furnace intelligent automatic production mode, using human-machine interface PLC control program, equipped with ” One-key restore” function, high production efficiency. Intermediate frequency induction heating equipment, induction heat treatment equipment, and induction hardening heat treatment production lines are tailored to your process needs.

Features of long aluminum rod heating furnace:

●Power supply system: IGBT160-800KW/0.2-2.5KHZ.

●Heating varieties: aluminum alloy, aluminum rod

●Main application: used for hot extrusion and forging of aluminum rods and aluminum alloys.

●Feeding system: air cylinder or hydraulic cylinder push material regularly

●Discharge system: roller conveying system.

▲Energy conversion: heating each ton of aluminum to 450℃~560℃, the power consumption is 190~230℃.

●Provide remote console with touch screen or industrial computer system according to user needs.

●Specially customized man-machine interface, highly user-friendly operation instructions.

●All-digital, high-depth adjustable parameters allow you to control metal induction heating equipment with ease.

●Strict grade management system, perfect one-key restoration system.

●Provide corresponding language switch according to different countries and regions.