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Safe use of round rod induction heating furnace

Safe use of round rod induction heating furnace

1. Composition: Mainly composed of intermediate frequency power supply, induction heating furnace and circulating cooling water system. The induction heating furnace consists of a capacitor cabinet, a furnace body, a guide rail, a pushing device and a gas circuit system.

2. Technical performance:

Supporting power supply: KGPS100KW/6KHz

Blank specifications: φ25X80

Heating temperature: 1200℃, temperature difference between heart and watch ≤25℃

The round bar induction heating furnace should be in a horizontal position during lifting, and the cork should be lined between the cabinet shell and the steel wire rope. The lifting speed is stable and no large swing is allowed.

3. Installation instructions:

3.1 The round rod induction heating furnace is in place: user-defined.

3.2 Installation method of IF output wire

The wire is directly placed in the support groove of the epoxy glass plate in the trench, and the two poles should be placed in parallel and close to the insulation when wiring.

4. Cooling circulating water system (for reference)