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Causes of wear and loss of refractory materials

Causes of wear and loss of refractory materials

The failure modes of refractory materials in use can be summarized into three basic forms.

  1. Due to the mechanical stress and thermal stress of the structure, the refractory lining produces uneconomical cracks (thermal energy, mechanical peeling or falling off), which causes damage.

(2) The structure of the refractory material changes due to the infiltration of slag and the temperature fluctuation of the hot surface (workpiece surface), thereby forming a unique metamorphic layer, and a crack parallel to the heating surface is generated at the junction of the original and metamorphic layer ( The structure is peeled off) and destroyed.

(3) Melting flow and abrasion due to the reaction with molten metal, slag and soot are mainly due to the generation of liquid phase and the layer erosion (melting loss) of the working surface.