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Which epoxy resin board is of good quality

Which epoxy resin board is of good quality

Needless to say, the practicality of epoxy resin board, many customers and friends know about it. And now there are many manufacturers that can produce this product, and the quality is uneven. So, which epoxy resin board is of good quality? We can take a look at the products of Yangzhou Yinlong Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.

The epoxy resin board is made of glass fiber cloth bonded with epoxy resin and heated and pressed. The model is 3240. It has high mechanical performance at medium temperature and stable electrical performance at high temperature.

It is suitable for high-insulation structural parts for machinery, electrical appliances and electronics, with high mechanical and dielectric functions, good heat resistance and moisture resistance. Heat resistance class F (155 degrees).

Standard thickness: 0.5~100mm Conventional standard: 1000mm*2000mm. Its density is about 1.95, and each board will be a little different due to different raw materials, but the fluctuation will not be too large. Under the condition of high temperature of 180 ℃, it is heated and deformed, and it is generally not heated with other metals, which may cause deformation of the metal sheet.