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Intelligent automatic steel pipe heat treatment furnace provider

Intelligent automatic steel pipe heat treatment furnace provider

China Luoyang Songdao Induction Heating Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of intelligent automatic steel tube heat treatment furnace. If you are looking for related products or have any questions, you can call the technicians to get free quotes and solutions for steel tube induction heat treatment equipment, or you can Visit the company and check the work effect on site of the steel pipe heat treatment furnace.

Working process of mechanical system of steel pipe heat treatment furnace:

Crane crane → storage platform → automatic feeding mechanism → feeding roller table system → quenching induction heating system → infrared temperature measuring device → discharge roller table → spray quenching system → quenching completion → tempering conveying system → tempering Induction heating system→infrared temperature measuring device→discharge roller table→cooling material mechanism→receiving rack

Composition of automatic steel pipe heat treatment furnace:

1. Quenching + tempering new drawer type energy-saving induction heating power supply:

2. Quenching + tempering induction heating furnace body

3. Storage rack

4. Conveying system

5. Quenching water tank

6. Tempering furnace cabinet

7. Receiving rack

8. PLC master console with man-machine interface

9. Infrared temperature measurement and automatic temperature control device