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Hard mica sheet is an ideal substitute for high strength sheet data

Hard mica sheet is an ideal substitute for high strength sheet data

Mica boards are widely used in motors, thermal machinery, electrical equipment and equipment, and hard mica boards are mainly used in household appliances (toasters, microwave ovens, heaters, hair dryers, electric irons, etc.). ), metallurgy (such as electric power) frequency conversion furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, electric arc furnace, etc. ), medical equipment, etc. Solid mica boards are an ideal replacement for edge data such as asbestos. Mica cardboard has good mechanical strength and processing function.

Mica board is a cardboard made of muscovite paper or phlogopite paper, and the edge data is bonded with high temperature silicone resin after baking. Hard mica boards have excellent edge function and high temperature resistance. It can be used for a long time at high temperature of 500-800℃. Hard mica boards are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, household appliances and other occupations, such as bakers, bakers, hair dryers, electric irons, heating rings and other skeleton materials. Hard mica boards are safety certified.

Excellent high temperature resistance edge performance, high temperature resistance up to 1000 ℃, high temperature resistance edge information prediction, hard mica board has excellent cost performance.

Excellent electrical edge function, the breakdown resistance index of general products is as high as 20kv/mm.

Excellent flexural strength and processing function. Strong mica board has high flexural strength and good durability. It can be processed into various shapes without stamping and layering.

Excellent environmental protection function, strong mica board without asbestos, almost no smoke and smell when heated, even smokeless and tasteless.

Mica plate is a kind of high-strength plate data, which can still maintain its original function under high temperature.