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Copper extrusion furnace

Copper extrusion furnace

Copper extrusion heating furnace specializes in the research and development, design, process, application, manufacturing and sales of copper extrusion heating furnaces. It has rich experience and practical cases in copper extrusion heating furnaces. According to your manufacturing requirements, we will provide you with Tailored. The copper extrusion heating furnace is controlled by energy-saving IBGT induction heating power supply, which has low power consumption and high production efficiency.

Copper extrusion heating furnace composition:

1. Induction heating power supply

2. Induction heating furnace cabinet (including stainless steel pipes and capacitor cabinets)

3. Induction heating furnace body

4. Automatic feeding timing feeding system

5. PLC operation control cabinet

6. Quick discharge device

7. Infrared temperature measurement automatic temperature control system for copper rod intermediate frequency heating furnace