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How to control the temperature of induction heating furnace?

How to control the temperature of induction heating furnace?

Automatic temperature control of induction heating furnace — refers to automatically turning on or off the heat source energy supplied to the furnace according to the deviation of the furnace temperature from the given temperature, or continuously changing the size of the heat source energy, so that the furnace temperature is stable and has a given temperature range , to meet the needs of the heat treatment process.

The induction heating furnace temperature control system, the induction heating furnace control main control board is designed with a temperature control interface, the intermediate frequency electric furnace temperature control instrument adopts Japan’s conductive SR93 with PID adjustment instrument, and the far-infrared optical fiber thermometer adopts femtosecond TW series thermometer. , measuring temperature 0-1500 ℃.

First, set the heating temperature in the temperature control instrument. After the power is turned on, the thermometer measures the heating temperature in real time and feeds it back to the temperature control instrument. The temperature control instrument compares the measured temperature with the set heating temperature and outputs an analog signal to the IF main control board. , the main control board automatically adjusts the trigger angle of the thyristor according to the level of the signal, so that the output power of the power supply can be adjusted with the level of the analog signal to achieve the purpose of temperature closed-loop control. Because the temperature measurement system adopts imported special thermometer, the temperature measurement is accurate. Optical fiber signal transmission ensures the stability of anti-collapse control, and online automation is realized. The user-friendly design of the temperature control meter operation interface is easy to adjust and easy to observe.

The temperature control system of the induction heating furnace has a high degree of automation and a sensitive response. It is specially designed for the heating of the induction heating furnace and has a wide application prospect.