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Steel bar forging diathermy furnace

Steel bar forging diathermy furnace

The steel bar forging diathermy furnace is a set of non-standard intermediate frequency heating equipment for round steel forging developed and manufactured by using the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. It has the functions of automatic feeding, feeding, heating and temperature sorting, which can realize the automation and intelligence of forging heating. After changing the image and working environment of the forging heating industry, which is heavy, messy, smoky and roasted, it has become a forging heating production line. Indispensable forging heating equipment.

1. Steel bar forging diathermy electric furnace ‍Technical parameters:

1. Main use: used for pre-forging heating of round steel, steel rod, aluminum rod, copper rod, steel ingot, square steel and steel plate

2. Heating varieties: carbon steel, alloy steel, superalloy gold, copper alloy, etc.

3. Heating specifications: diameter: Ø20-Ø200mm, round steel length: unlimited

4. Heating temperature: 1250℃

5. Production efficiency: Customized steel bar forging furnace configuration according to demand:

6. Automatic feeding: configure the ladder feeding machine system

7. Automatic discharge: quick discharge at the discharge end and temperature three-sorting

  1. Control system: Siemens PLC control and touch screen