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Technical parameters of insulating pipe

Technical parameters of insulating pipe

Insulation tube is a general term. There are glass fiber insulation sleeves, PVC sleeves, heat shrinkable sleeves, Teflon sleeves, ceramic sleeves, etc.

The yellow wax tube is a kind of glass fiber insulating sleeve. It is an electrical insulating tube made of alkali-free glass fiber tube coated with modified polyvinyl chloride resin and plasticized. It has excellent softness and elasticity, as well as outstanding dielectric and chemical resistance, and is suitable for wiring insulation and mechanical maintenance of motors, electrical appliances, instruments, radios and other devices.

Temperature resistance: 130 degrees Celsius (Class B)

Breakdown voltage: 1.5KV, 2.5KV, 4.0KV

Insulation tube color: red, blue and green color threaded tube. There are also natural tubes