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Composition and price of steel tube induction heating furnace

Composition and price of steel tube induction heating furnace

Composition and price of steel tube induction heating furnace
project Specification quantity Price RMB
IF power supply Rated power 500kw rectifier 6 pulse   ¥140000
Rectification part Universal circuit breaker 1 set
500kw 6- pulse rectifier 1 set
plc control system 1 set
Rectifier reactor 1 tower
Rectifier filter capacitor 1 set
Inverter part Rated power 500kw 1000hz 1 set
Inverter capacitor cabinet 1 set
Induction furnace Closed type 1 set
Mechanical mechanism Loading platform 1 set ¥280000
Feeding translation mechanism 1 set
Double roller conveyor roller table 1 set
Concentrated adjustment device for double-supporting roller conveying roller table angle 1 set
Discharge translation mechanism 1 set
Automatic Control System Industrial control computer 1 tower ¥ 80000
Industrial Control Configuration Software 1 set
Industrial Control Configuration Software 1 set
Infrared Thermometer 1 set
Photoelectric switch 1 set
Variable frequency drive equipment 1 set
Operation console 1 tower
Proximity switch many tower
low voltage switch box 1 tower