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Selection of Medium Frequency Power Supply for Induction Melting Furnace

Selection of Medium Frequency Power Supply for Induction Melting Furnace

Induction Melting Furnace

1. The power supply of the induction melting furnace is a fully digital control circuit, which is controlled by a large-scale integrated chip to ensure stable and reliable operation of the power supply and low failure rate.

2. The intermediate frequency power supply adopts an adaptive automatic adjustment method during the whole process of heating and melting, and always maintains the maximum power output in time.

3. The power supply protection function is perfect, and the protection measures include:

3.1 The main circuit short circuit protection.

3.2 The main circuit lacks phase protection.

3.3 High cooling water temperature protection.

3.4 Cooling water underpressure protection.

3.5 Intermediate frequency overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, control power supply undervoltage protection.

3.6 Inverter SCR high current rise rate protection (commutation inductance).

3.7 Fast fuse protection on the rectifier side.

3.8 It has excellent shock load resistance.

4. The output power should be able to be smoothly and continuously adjusted under the rated load impedance, and its adjustment range is 10%-100% of the rated power. And can adapt to the process requirements of the furnace lining oven.

5. The output voltage and current can automatically keep within the limit value (or rated value) during the continuous load change process.

6. It has strong starting performance and load adaptability, and can be started frequently under light and heavy loads, and the starting success rate is 100%.

7. The impedance adjuster automatically adapts to load changes, so that the parameters of the induction melting furnace are always running in the best state.

8. The output frequency should automatically follow when the load impedance changes, and its change range is -30%—+10% of the rated value. When the rated power is output under the rated load, the frequency change range does not exceed ±10%.

9. The main board has a current balance automatic adjustment tracking device.

10. The cabinet design conforms to national standards.

11. Connecting copper bar current carrying capacity: power frequency 3A/mm²; intermediate frequency 2.5A/mm²; tank circuit 8-10A/mm²;

12. In the case of no water, the insulation resistance and insulation withstand voltage test meet the national standards.

13. Temperature rise: After the device runs continuously at the rated power until the temperature rise is stable, the copper bars and electrical components meet their respective standards.