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How to choose a stainless steel heating furnace?

How to choose a stainless steel heating furnace?

1. The stainless steel heating furnace has fast heating speed, good effect and uniform temperature. The short heating time makes it difficult for stainless steel to produce oxide scale, which improves the utilization rate of stainless steel and reduces the decarburization phenomenon; in addition, the short heating time also greatly The preparation work before the heating of the operator is reduced, and the labor intensity of the operator is reduced.

2. The stainless steel heating furnace is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Due to the use of electromagnetic induction heating, electrical energy is an environmentally friendly energy source. During the production and heating process of the stainless steel heating furnace, there will be no pollutants such as waste gas and smoke that pollute the environment. The site is clean and tidy, and there is no high temperature baking. roasting phenomenon.

3. The stainless steel heating furnace adopts PLC+touch screen to centrally control the production, assisting the automatic feeding and temperature detection system to realize the automation of heating production and achieve “one-button” unattended operation, which can help enterprises to greatly reduce labor and improve the quality of heating production. and production efficiency.

4. The stainless steel heating furnace has great flexibility. During reheating, the stainless steel can be heat treated as a whole or locally; for the heating of stainless steel with different diameters, it is only necessary to replace the furnace head of the stainless steel heating furnace. Therefore, users can choose the heating method of stainless steel heating furnace according to their actual stainless steel heating needs.

5. Stainless steel heating furnaces are widely used in mining machinery, petroleum machinery, wind power machinery, building materials and construction industries because of their simple structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance, low cost, and simple and quick replacement of sensors.

6. The stainless steel heating furnace is mainly composed of intermediate frequency power supply, automatic feeding and unloading mechanism, conveying system, induction heating system, control system and other components. The whole adopts the mechanical and electrical integration structure design, the structure is compact, and the parts are arranged reasonably, which has great advantages compared with the traditional flame furnace.