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Features of epoxy resin board

Features of epoxy resin board

Epoxy resin board product characteristics

1. HP-5 hard white epoxy resin board products are silver-white, with a temperature resistance level of 500 °C for continuous use and 850 °C for intermittent use.

2. Hp-8 hardness mica board, the product is golden yellow, temperature resistance grade: 850℃ for continuous use and 1050℃ for intermittent use.

three. Excellent high temperature insulation performance, high temperature resistance up to 1000 ℃, high temperature insulation material, with good cost performance.

Four. It has excellent electrical insulation performance, and the breakdown resistance index of ordinary products is as high as 20kV/mm. Excellent flexural strength and processability. The product has high flexural strength and good toughness. Can be processed into various shapes without lamination.

six. Excellent environmental performance, the product does not contain asbestos, the smoke smell is small when heated, smokeless and tasteless.

7. HP-5 hard mica board is a high-strength board material that can still maintain its original performance under high temperature conditions.

The above epoxy resin board content comes from the manufacturer Yangzhou Yinlong Insulation Material Co., Ltd., please indicate when reprinting.