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Preparation before installation of induction furnace

Preparation before installation of induction furnace

furnace oil cylinder and furnace body. If there is a weighing device, it should be installed in the specified position according to the requirements of the drawings. Furnace bracket (for crucible A. Preparations before installation of induction furnace

1. First, check whether the main components of the induction furnace and their installation materials are complete according to the installation list of the induction furnace, and check their condition. The defects of some parts and materials caused by improper transportation and storage should be repaired, so that all equipment, parts, corresponding materials and parts are intact, so as to ensure the smooth progress of subsequent installation and debugging.

2. Secondly, check and accept various civil facilities related to induction furnaces, such as checking whether the main dimensions in the layout are correct; check whether the foundation, trenches and embedded parts required for the installation of various electrical equipment and main busbars are not Meet the design requirements, whether the induction furnace foundation, platform elevation, deviation of the vertical axis and horizontal axis, and the position of the anchor screws are within the specified size range; check whether the construction quality of the foundation and platform meets the requirements. Only after the above preparations have been completed, the installation of the furnace can be carried out.

B. Installation of induction furnace

The installation of the induction furnace shall meet the requirements of the drawings. The first is to install the furnace frame on the basis of the induction furnace, and then install the tilting induction furnace, including fixed bracket and movable bracket) and furnace body part, in the process of processing, the thermal deformation caused by welding construction should be limited to the specified range of design, only in this way can ensure the future work went smoothly.