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How to choose the manufacturer of the round steel induction heating furnace?

How to choose the manufacturer of the round steel induction heating furnace?

When choosing a manufacturer of steel induction heating furnaces, the following points must be met:

1. Select the appropriate round steel induction heating furnace model: heating power, heating time, heating temperature, degree of automation, temperature measurement method, sorting method, heating material, feeding and discharging method, cooling cycle system, transformer conditions and other parameters must be Sure

2. Ensure that the round steel induction heating furnace manufacturer can provide perfect after-sales service and ensure that the manufacturer is professional enough. In this way, it is necessary to choose a larger-scale and formal enterprise, and pay attention to the history of this enterprise. With nearly 30 years of manufacturing history of induction heating furnaces, there are reasons for its existence for 30 years, whether it is the quality of induction heating furnaces Both in terms of service and service can be guaranteed from these thirty years.

3. There are relatively good induction heating furnace manufacturers in China, and there are not many top-ranking enterprises. The round steel induction heating equipment adopts PLC+touch screen system to centrally control production, truly realizes “one-button” production and processing, and has high automation and mechanized production capacity , the whole set of equipment becomes a production line by itself, of course, it can also be produced online with other mechanical equipment according to the production needs of users, which can effectively improve the production capacity of users.