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Safety precautions for the operation of induction melting machine

Safety precautions for the operation of induction melting machine

A. Master the maintenance procedures.

1. Familiarize yourself with the melting system of the induction melting machine and its dangerous areas before performing any maintenance work.

2. Do not touch the circuit or crucible before connecting the main circuit breaker to the off position.

3. Two independent modes are used to support the induction smelter when working on or close to the inclined induction smelter. Before starting the induction melting machine, the operator is not allowed to stand on the furnace panel.

4. The first-class testing equipment must be used during maintenance and the operating procedures provided by the testing equipment manufacturer must be followed.

B. Warning

1. Do not touch the live heating connector on the manual control induction melting machine.

2. Ensure that the exposed induction smelter joints are always properly insulated (or isolated).

3. Use appropriate safety instructions when operating or repairing under the condition of high steady-state voltage-normal current, or high transient voltage-current caused by wrong working conditions.

4. In the event of breakdown or overcurrent, be vigilant against the occurrence of electric heating surfaces, wires, cables or other related conditions such as surface heat, roughness or burrs.

5. Be careful around high-voltage lines, connectors, and equipment. Do not tighten or loosen the joints, joint gaskets and instruments after the system is pressurized.

6. When there are cracked wires, loose or cracked parts, components with water seepage or electrical failure in the smelting system, it must not be activated, and can only be activated after troubleshooting.

7. The water or air supply valve and the charging valve should be opened rather slowly to avoid sudden pressure on the pipeline, tank or accelerator.

8. The smelting system equipment is equipped with safety devices or interlocks. Except for specific maintenance, it must not be damaged or bypassed.

9. When maintaining the induction smelter, make sure that the power supply is not turned on or cut off. If the power supply is divided into several induction smelters, when the induction smelter is to be maintained, the cables connected to the two ends of the induction smelter should be cut off, and the coil should be grounded.