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Technical characteristics of induction melting furnace, precautions for use, maintenance and emergency treatment

Technical characteristics of induction melting furnace, precautions for use, maintenance and emergency treatment

Let me introduce it for everyone.

A. Precautions for the use of induction melting furnace

1. Check whether all components are in good condition;

2. Check whether all the fasteners are in good condition;

3. Check whether all the connections have fallen off, and whether the solder joints are unsoldered;

4. Check whether the connection in the installation is correct;

5. Use a multimeter to check the main circuit, the insulation of the casing and the insulation between the phases of the control circuit;

6. Check whether the control plug-in is placed in the correct position;

7. Open the water inlet valve, adjust the water pressure to 0.1~0.2Mpa, and check whether there is any leakage in each waterway;

8. Strictly check the phase sequence, the smelting furnace is 120° ahead of the intermediate frequency power phase, and the holding furnace is 120° behind the intermediate frequency power phase;

9. Press the control and power switch, the power indicator of each control panel should be on;

10. Use an oscilloscope to check that the trigger pulses of rectification and inverter should be normal;

11. The protection thyristor is triggered, and the corresponding protection indicator lights up;

12. Set the power adjustment potentiometer to position 0, pull out the control board, and check that the relay action should be normal. To

B. Technical characteristics of induction melting furnace

The induction melting furnace adopts the “series inverter thyristor intermediate frequency power supply technology”. Although the thyristor fully controlled rectifier electric furnace is used, it does not use it to adjust the voltage. It only uses it to achieve soft start and act as an electronic switch in the event of a failure to quickly cut off the power supply. When working, the thyristor is always in a fully conductive state, so that the grid power supply has a high power factor and reduces harmonic interference. The rectifier control circuit adopts a digital shift trigger circuit. The digital shift trigger circuit has the advantages of good repeatability, good stability, good symmetry, strong anti-interference ability, and convenient debugging. If the digital quantity setting is adopted, it can still realize remote control. To sum up, the induction melting furnace is a melting furnace with higher power. Therefore, in order to maximize its high power, we must pay attention to some of its use precautions and its various technical characteristics. In order to effectively play the maximum function of its smelting, coupled with effective protection of the use time limit of the intermediate frequency furnace.