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What are the types of intermediate frequency furnace charge?

What are the types of intermediate frequency furnace charge?

There are many kinds of intermediate frequency charge, which are divided into neutral charge, alkaline charge, and acid charge according to the difference of acidity and alkalinity. Among them, the intermediate frequency charge of different properties includes different types. Let’s take a look at these types of intermediate frequency charge.

Intermediate frequency furnace charge is also called intermediate frequency furnace lining material, intermediate frequency furnace dry vibrating charge, intermediate frequency furnace dry blasting charge, intermediate frequency furnace ramming charge, etc. It is divided into acid, neutral and alkaline blasting charge. Acid blasting charge is made of high-purity quartz and fused silica. As the main raw material, the compound additive is used as the sintering agent;

1. The neutral intermediate frequency charge is mainly made of alumina and high-alumina materials, and composite additives are used as sintering agents;

2. The basic intermediate frequency charge is based on high-purity fused corundum, high-purity fused magnesia, and high-purity spinel as the main raw materials, and composite additives as sintering agents.

Acidic, neutral and alkaline intermediate frequency charge is widely used in coreless intermediate frequency furnace and cored induction furnace. Steel, tool steel, heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, melting aluminum and its alloys, melting copper alloys such as red copper, brass, cupronickel and bronze, etc.