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How to choose a medium frequency induction furnace?

How to choose a medium frequency induction furnace?

1. Safe, sturdy and efficient furnace body structure of medium frequency induction furnace

The furnace body of the intermediate frequency induction furnace is designed with an anti-seismic (7-level Richter scale) structure, and is equipped with a special structure yoke and a special-shaped coil conductor to realize the safe and efficient operation of the furnace body.

2. Built-in fault detection monitor for medium frequency induction furnace

Various sensors collect equipment operation data at all times, alarm and cut off the power supply in time for abnormal conditions, and the human-machine interface automatically pops up the fault content, and guides maintenance personnel to carry out troubleshooting and repair.

3. Compact and efficient inverter power supply for medium frequency induction furnace

Compared with the medium frequency induction furnace power supply, the energy consumption is saved by 2 to 3%.

High efficiency (above 0.95) can be achieved regardless of output power.

The multi-pulse rectification can greatly reduce the generation of harmonics, eliminating the need for a harmonic processing device.

The rated power can be put into use from the initial stage of the cold material, and the melting time is shortened by about 6%.

The compact power cabinet design saves land resources and reduces the initial investment cost of customers.

4. The operation of the medium frequency induction furnace is simple

All it takes is a “start”, “stop” switch and a power adjustment knob to complete the operation. Supplemented by large-screen human-machine interface, automatic sintering, automatic preheating, fault management analysis, data export and other functions, it provides support for factory automation production.