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How long do carbon fiber tubes generally last?

How long do carbon fiber tubes generally last?

How long can carbon fiber tubes be used in general? I don’t know how long the carbon fiber tube can be used. I just heard that when people build houses with wood, the stakes must be burned into charcoal before they are inserted into the ground. After charring, the ground will decay more slowly and have a longer service life. Is the lifespan of carbon fiber materials also the same, will carbon fiber tubes have a long lifespan?

​Carbon Fiber Tube

Although the price of carbon fiber material is slightly higher, it is a popular material in the field of high-end manufacturing.

Carbon fiber is composed of more than 95% carbon elements. The molecular arrangement of this material is very tight, and its chemical properties are stable, and it is difficult to be corroded and degraded to produce chemical reactions. The production and preparation of carbon fiber requires a high temperature of thousands of degrees, while the temperature of the conventional flame is only about 500 degrees Celsius, so the performance of carbon fiber will not be affected by fire under normal circumstances.

The tensile strength of carbon fiber is very high, but it is easy to be damaged by shearing force, so the produced carbon fiber products can withstand high tensile force, and the hardness is high but relatively brittle. condition.

Carbon fiber products are generally beautiful in appearance and bright. Because they are compounded with resin, they have excellent anti-corrosion and anti-salt spray performance, and they will not be damaged even if they are used for hundreds of years under natural placement. Under the condition of force and friction, the service life of carbon fiber tube cannot be measured specifically, and it is mainly affected by the performance of the matrix. Carbon fiber tubes are much higher than plastic products.