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Induction hardening machine safety protection method

Induction hardening machine safety protection method

1. Suppression of radio interference

The series motor and DC power at this location will have single-phase single-shoot TV and radio, which will cause serious electromagnetic interference. Therefore, the induction hardening furnace needs to consider radio interference in the design. Mainly adopt the measures of shielding, excitation winding symmetry mechanism, establishing electric filter and filtering. When necessary, but also a small inductor coil at the armature end of the motor.

2. Tools and grounding, insulating structure

All or most of them have basic insulation. If the insulation is damaged, due to an obvious metal part grounded and installed after the fixed (see grounding) or protective wires are connected together, it is not zero, it can prevent the electric actuator from being charged.

3. With the help of safety protection tools

This safety protection tool is generally composed of basic insulation structure, insulation and double insulation or reinforced insulation. If the basic insulation is damaged, the operator is shocked by the additional insulation and separation. We had to use tools, but we couldn’t connect the power plug.