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Heat treatment form of high chromium cast iron roll

Heat treatment form of high chromium cast iron roll

There are two forms of heat treatment for high chromium cast iron rolls:

①Subcritical heat treatment below the critical transition temperature;

②High temperature heat treatment above the critical 3 point.

Usually the second type is used, and the specific processes include normalizing and tempering. At present, the replacement of high-carbon high-speed steel with high-chromium cast iron to manufacture rolls has become the main development trend of rolls.

Roll induction hardening machine tool has strong bearing capacity (workpiece weight can reach tens of tons, workpiece length is six meters), continuous quenching, segmented continuous quenching and other functions. It is mainly suitable for surface quenching of heavy rolls and long and thick shaft parts. The machine has manual-automatic operation and is suitable for the production of single and batch parts. Simple operation, complete functions, reasonable structure, convenient installation and debugging.