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Vibration charging car for induction melting furnace

Vibration charging car for induction melting furnace

The induction melting furnace vibrating feeding car is widely used in the foundry industry to replace manual feeding, especially the feeding of large tonnage melting furnaces, which reduces labor intensity, saves production costs, and improves feeding efficiency. Generally installed at the back end of the intermediate frequency furnace body, used to add scrap metal charge to the inside of the induction melting furnace. It is arranged horizontally or vertically according to the site conditions. Each furnace is equipped with 1 to 3 charging trolleys (depending on the size of the furnace). I will give you a detailed introduction to this induction melting furnace vibration charging car.

A. Brief introduction of induction melting furnace vibration charging car:

The automatic batching of induction melting furnace is mainly composed of two basic systems: a microcomputer iron distribution system and an induction melting furnace vibration conveying and feeding car. It can also expand the alloy automatic batching system, the inoculant automatic weighing system in front of the furnace, and the driving automatic batching control system. It can realize the high degree of automation of induction melting furnace ingredients, mechanization of conveying and feeding, meeting the requirements of induction melting furnace feeding process, ensuring the stability of molten iron composition, producing high-quality molten iron, reducing the labor intensity of employees, and improving production efficiency. It is suitable for 1-30t electric furnace.

B. Induction melting furnace ‍Vibrating charging vehicle composition: ‍

The main structure of the induction melting furnace vibrating charging vehicle includes a driving device consisting of a motor, a reducer, a gear, a wheel, a wheel box, a spring retainer, a rotating shaft, a bearing, a spacer, a coupling, a ring gear and a baffle.