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0.5T metal melting machine price

0.5T metal melting machine price

The composition and price list of the 0.5T metal melting machine, the price is calculated according to the power of the intermediate frequency power supply and the volume of the furnace body. Different configuration prices are different, this price is for reference only. Contact us will have very low prices, please consult for specific prices

0.5T metal melting machine



Aluminum shell furnace body
three-phase incoming line 380v

Advanced configuration

Steel shell furnace body
three-phase incoming line 380v
ultra-high configuration
rated power 400KW 400KW
Phase voltage 6*380v 6*380v
Rated voltage of electric furnace 750V 750V
Melting rate About 0.5T/H About 0.5T/H
Rated Capacity 0.5T 0.5T
Rated temperature 1700 ℃ 1700 ℃
Power supply specifications KGPS-1/400KW KGPS-1/400KW
illustrate 400KW melting 400KW melting
Configuration IF power supply set set
Compensation capacitor cabinet set set
stove Aluminum shell furnace body Steel shell furnace body
Reducer or hydraulic A reducer A hydraulic equipment
Water-cooled cable Nigen Nigen
Crucible film One One
Manual data A serving A serving
Price RMB   Total: total price: ¥ 131.8 thousand Yuan Total: ¥ 148800


Serial number Item name Specification model unit quantity Price ¥
1 IF power supply cabinet 400KW/0.5T/1000HZ tower 1 60000
2 Filter compensation capacitor cabinet 0.75-2000-1S set 1 20000
3 0.5T steel shell furnace body GW-0.5T set 1 60000
4 Water-cooled cable LHSD-300 set 2 8000
5 Crucible mold 0.5T furnace dedicated only 2 800
Total: ¥ 148800