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Structural characteristics of multi-station quenching machine tools in pressure quenching

Structural characteristics of multi-station quenching machine tools in pressure quenching

1. The power supply system is mainly composed of voltage regulation integrated components, rectifier integrated components, oscillation inverter integrated components, tank matching integrated components, output load integrated components and loop control integrated components. The layout is reasonable, the wiring is neat, and the electrical clearance is standardized.

2. The sensor load is composed of air protection cover, servo two-dimensional adjustment function, cylinder-driven up and down movement function, and sensor.

3. The mechanism of the pressure quenching machine tool is mainly composed of upper and lower oil cylinders, upper and lower molds and core molds, liquid-proof cover, and liquid-spraying pipeline system.

4. The central control system adopts a touch screen man-machine interface, which can directly display the working status of the system. The transmission control part adopts pneumatic and servo systems, which can compile and store various heat treatment process programs according to the requirements of different workpieces. Heating, liquid spraying, and time control are integrated into one, with a high degree of automation. The external pull-out start button is convenient for operation.

5. The CMS working condition system compares the power parameters (gate current, power, heating time, quenching liquid temperature, etc.) with the given values ​​through signal acquisition, processing and feedback to determine whether the heating conditions are normal. When the power parameters exceed the set upper and lower limits, the equipment will send out a processing alarm signal to facilitate the shunting of unqualified parts. Power parameters can be recorded and downloaded, which is convenient for users to backup.

6. Power supply water cooling system/workpiece water cooling system adopts high-efficiency turbo compressor. The whole set of refrigeration accessories and electrical system of the product are made of internationally renowned brand products, and the platform design is adopted. The matching of each part is reasonable, the structure is compact, the design is excellent, and the appearance is exquisite. The electrical cooling system adopts high temperature resistant hoses. The liquid level protection device prevents the overflow of the water level or the oil level is too high. Using one-button start-up, the operation is all convenient.