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Steel automatic heat treatment production line

Steel automatic heat treatment production line

The steel automatic heat treatment production line has many years of rich experience in the induction heating equipment and induction heat treatment equipment industry. The product specifications are complete and the service life is long. The steel automatic heat treatment production line is a non-standard customized product!

Features of steel automatic heat treatment production line:

●Power supply system: quenching power supply: 160-1000KW/0.5-2.5KHz;

●Tempering power supply: 100-600KW/0.5-2.5KHz,

●The hourly output is 0.5-3.5 tons, and the applicable range is ø20-ø120.

●Conveying roller table: The axis of the roller table and the axis of the workpiece form an included angle of 18-21°. The workpiece rotates on its own and moves forward at a constant speed to make the heating more uniform. The roller table between the furnace bodies is made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled.

●Roller table grouping: The feeding group, the sensor group and the discharging group are independently controlled, which is conducive to continuous heating without creating a gap between the workpieces.

●Temperature closed-loop control of heat treatment quenching and tempering production line: Both quenching and tempering use the American Leitai infrared thermometer and form a closed-loop control system with Germany’s Siemens S7 to precisely control the temperature.

●Industrial computer system: real-time display of the state of the working parameters at that time, the functions of workpiece parameter memory, storage, printing, fault display, alarm and so on.

▲ Energy conversion: quenching + tempering method is adopted, and the power consumption per ton is 280-320 degrees.

●Provide remote console with touch screen or industrial computer system according to user needs.

●Specially customized man-machine interface, highly user-friendly operation instructions.

●Full-digital, high-depth adjustable parameters for steel heat treatment equipment, allowing you to control the equipment with ease.

●Strict grade management system, perfect one-key restoration system.

●When the production line starts, it can automatically complete the starting of the transmission mechanism and each power source, and automatically realize a reasonable match between the speed and the power increase. Automatically adjust the power of the heating power supply to minimize temperature fluctuations.