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The working principle of one-to-two induction melting furnace

The working principle of one-to-two induction melting furnace

The operation mode adopts one-to-two, one-to-two means that a set of rectifier power supply drives the operation of two sets of inverter devices.

Operate independently with any set of inverter device, supply power to furnace A or furnace B, with dual power supply and one for two functions, especially

Suitable for large-scale continuous production operation of small and medium-sized castings, any one electric furnace high-power melting operation, another furnace

The body can be kept warm or the cold material can be preheated, and the power can be arbitrarily distributed according to needs. The total power of the two electric furnaces is constant.

That is, the total power P total = PA + PB

The two electric furnaces continuously alternately melt and keep warm for casting while running at the same time, so that the power supply can always be operated at full power.

OK, in order to improve the melting productivity of the electric furnace, the picture shows a one-to-two induction melting furnace.


Schematic diagram of one-to-two induction melting furnace

When the series inverter power supply works, the rectifier always works in full conduction, changing the output power of the inverter loop

It is achieved by controlling the frequency of the inverter trigger pulse. And the load current is a sine wave, so the inverter power supply is connected in series

There will be no high-order harmonics that seriously pollute the power grid, and the power factor is high. Parallel inverters cannot achieve one-to-two self

Dynamic power adjustment operation, because the power adjustment of the parallel inverter power supply can only be achieved by adjusting the output voltage of the rectifier bridge.

When the inverter rectifier bridge works at low voltage and the rectifier conduction angle is very small, the power factor of the equipment will be very low.

And the parallel inverter load current is a square wave, which will seriously pollute the grid. If the power is adjusted by adjusting the inverter back pressure angle,

The power adjustment range is very narrow, so parallel inverter power supplies cannot achieve one-drive-two operation.