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Advantages of aluminum rod heating electric furnace

Advantages of aluminum rod heating electric furnace

Advantages of aluminum rod heating electric furnace:

1. Uniform heating temperature, high temperature control accuracy, small temperature difference, no pollution

2. The startup success rate is high and the reliability is strong.

3. Frequency conversion/variable load self-adaptation, induction heating capability of the most specifications and varieties of steel (diameter/wall thickness/length/material). Users can choose manual furnace change or automatic furnace change to obtain a wide range of applications, so that the utilization rate of induction heating equipment can reach the highest (various applications of frequency conversion, one drag and more).

4. Temperature closed-loop control system, infrared thermometer measures the heating temperature of the billet at the outlet of the induction furnace, and displays the heating evenly in real time.

5. Intelligent control system: An intelligent and customized operation monitoring system based on digital platform design, with high production efficiency.

6. Quality monitoring system and quality traceability function, real-time monitoring/remote control of running status, and fault self-diagnosis function.

7. The processing range, production efficiency, quality consistency, power consumption, power factor and equipment utilization rate of the aluminum rod heating electric furnace have all reached the international advanced level.

8. The aluminum rod heating electric furnace is safe and reliable, the hot shearing machine is durable, the oil cylinder does not leak oil, and the failure rate is low;