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Hot rolled steel plate heating equipment

Hot rolled steel plate heating equipment

The hot-rolled steel plate heating equipment adopts the electromagnetic induction heating principle to heat the non-standard induction heating production line of hot-rolled steel plate. It is equipped with Siemens PLC control, infrared temperature measurement and automatic mechanical device, which can realize the automatic control of the whole process of hot-rolled steel plate heating and rolling.

Hot rolled steel plate heating equipment‍ Parameters

1. Steel plate specifications: thickness 10mm, steel plate width 1000mm, length 3000mm

2. Heating power range: 100KW-8000KW

3. Production efficiency: 1 ton per hour (the production capacity is designed according to the

4. Heating temperature: 1200℃

5. Control: Siemens PLC

6. Temperature measurement: infrared thermometer

Process flow of hot rolled steel plate heating equipment:

Manual material storage platform → input system automatic feeding → inductor heating → output system → enter the forging machine for rolling

Hot rolled steel plate heating equipment configuration:

1. Thyristor intelligent intermediate frequency induction heating power supply

2. Furnace frame (including compensation capacitor bank, waterway and circuit)

3. Medium frequency induction heater

4. Connecting cables/copper bars (power supply to furnace body)

5. Automatic feeding device for feeding platform

6. Infrared temperature measuring device

7. PLC control cabinet