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Main points of troubleshooting for induction melting furnace

Main points of troubleshooting for induction melting furnace

Grounding of induction melting furnace electrical equipment and test equipment

(1) All electrical testing devices, including equipment and testing appliances, should be approved by the verification laboratory, and grounding facilities must be used. These devices should comply with the national electrical standards and regulations, and the grounding of electrical equipment used for maintenance work should comply with the national electrical standards and regulations.

(2) All appliances and utensils used in the melting system should be connected to a three-core power cord with ground, and should be connected to a common ground terminal. Under no circumstances should a grounding adapter or other “jumping” method be used, and proper grounding must be maintained. The electrician must ensure that the equipment is grounded before use.

(3) When using an oscilloscope to measure the main circuit, it is best to isolate the oscilloscope’s incoming line power with a transformer from the main circuit. The oscilloscope housing has a measuring electrode and cannot be grounded because the housing is an electrode. If it is grounded, a serious accident will occur if the electrode is short-circuited to the ground during measurement.

(4) Before each use, check whether the insulation layer, probes, and connectors of the power cord and test connectors are cracked or damaged. If there are defects, replace them immediately.

(5) The measuring instrument can prevent accidental electric shock when used correctly, but it may cause serious or even catastrophic accidents if it is not operated in accordance with the instrument’s instruction manual.

(6) When in doubt about the measured voltage, the highest voltage range should be selected to protect the instrument. If the measured voltage is in the lowest range, you can turn the switch to a lower range to get an accurate reading. Before connecting or removing the test connector and changing the range of the instrument, make sure that the power supply of the measuring circuit is cut off and all capacitors are discharged.