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Application range of high frequency quenching of metal fittings

Application range of high frequency quenching of metal fittings

1. High-frequency quenching can also be called high-frequency annealing machine. Various types of wire rod, strip steel quenching, annealing, quenching and tempering and other heat treatment production lines in steel production enterprises are equipped with an automatic closed-loop temperature control system to achieve precise temperature control.

2. Diathermic forming (high frequency quenching equipment can be called high frequency heating furnace, high frequency diathermy furnace)

A. Hot upsetting and hot rolling of various standard parts, fasteners, mechanical spare parts, hardware tools, straight shank twist drills.

B. The metal material is heated and annealed. Such as: steel pipe drawing, bending, head smashing; iron wire, steel wire heating nailing; stainless steel products annealing and expanding.

3. Heat treatment (high frequency quenching)

Surface, inner hole, partial or overall quenching of various hardware tools, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic components, steam, motorcycle parts and other mechanical metal parts. Such as: hammers, knives, scissors, pliers and various shafts, cams, sprockets, gears, valves, ball studs, large machine tool guides, quenching of ductile iron, and various metal wire heat treatment lines.

4. Brazing (high frequency welding machine, high frequency brazing equipment)

Welding of various carbide heads, turning tools, milling cutters, planers, reamers, diamond saw blades and saw teeth; welding of abrasive tools, drilling tools and cutting tools; compounding of metal materials such as brass, copper, and stainless steel pot bottoms welding.

5. Metal smelting: smelting gold, silver, copper, etc.

  1. Other heating fields