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Square billet induction heating furnace

Square billet induction heating furnace

Project Name: Induction Heating Furnace for Square Billets

Project capacity: 72,000 tons/year

Main content: 1 set of 6000kW square billet on-line induction heating furnace and its supporting equipment transformer, cooling water system, transmission system, etc. The production varieties are military high-quality steel, the product specifications are 60mmx60mm, 90mmx90mm, 120mmx120mm square billets, and the cut-to-length length is 2m-3m.

Technical parameters: Transformer power: 7200KVA, on-line heating production line length: 30m.

Economic indicators: productivity 10t/h, heating temperature: room temperature to 1200°C, power consumption: ≤380kwh/t, billet oxidation rate: ≤0.5%.

Project highlights:

Independent research and development, design new digital series power supply and new induction body structure. The billet is heated to make up the temperature before rolling, instead of a gas heating furnace, it has a low oxidation burnout rate and high rolling quality; it is convenient to start and stop, and the production organization is flexible, which reduces carbon emissions.