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What is included in the inspection of induction heat treatment process?

What is included in the inspection of induction heat treatment process?

Induction heat treatment process inspection generally includes the following:

1) The processing quality of the part before quenching, including the quenched part of the part and the size related to positioning, the quality of preliminary heat treatment, the quality of steel and the main components such as carbon content.

2) Whether the equipment and equipment are consistent with the process card, including the quenching machine number, quenching transformer model, transformation ratio, fixture positioning size, sensor number, effective ring size, cleanliness of the spray hole, etc.

3) Whether the various parameters specified in the actual quenching are consistent with the data specified on the process card, including:

① The voltage and power of the intermediate frequency inverter, the anode voltage, tank circuit current or circuit voltage of the high frequency generator;

② Heating, pre-cooling and water spraying time;

③Concentration, temperature, flow or pressure of quenching liquid;

④Scan the carriage moving speed, limit switch or striker position during quenching.

  1. The quenching quality of parts includes surface hardness, size of hardened area, appearance of quenching quality and cracks, etc., if necessary, check the depth of hardened layer and microstructure.