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Safe use of induction heating furnace

Safe use of induction heating furnace

1. The crane hoists the whole bundle of materials on the fixed material table of the chain feeder.

2. The feeding machine works (the feeding frame is welded by 200 channel steel, the chain adopts paver chain, the pitch is 101.6, the roller diameter is φ38.1, the ultimate tensile load is 2900KN).

3. When the feeder lifts the material to the top, the material automatically rolls along the 2° inclined plate into the V-shaped groove of the first station. Due to the low lifting speed, the material is almost non-impact when it rolls off.

4. The pushing cylinder works to push the material to the raceway of the conveyor.

5. The rollers of the conveyor are all composed of power wheels. Under the transmission of the power wheels, the material is sent to the pressure roller feeding mechanism.

6. In order to prevent the material from slipping in the process of advancing, the pressure roller feeder adopts dual-drive power wheels and the pressure roller motor is controlled by the frequency converter. The rotation speed of the pressure roller is according to the designed speed, and the material is squeezed into the heating furnace at a uniform speed. The furnace is about 8 meters long.

7. There is an infrared thermometer at the discharge port of the induction heating furnace. A: In case of overburning and undertemperature, the piston of the cylinder will rise to block the material, and the material will be lifted by the cylinder between the rollers. Rolling down on the inclined surface of the supporting plate, when overburning, the under-temperature cylinder does not work, and the material rolls down directly. When the temperature is under-temperature, the under-temperature cylinder works, and the under-temperature material rolls out from below. B: If the material is qualified, the cylinder at the overburning and low temperature does not work. When the material is directly transported to the end of the roller, it is blocked by the stopper device.

8. At this time, the cylinder of the qualified material works, lifts the material, and the push cylinder works, and pushes the qualified material to the middle through the transition work plate, and waits in the V-shaped groove that has been lifted.

Then the cylinder lifted in the middle descends, and the qualified material falls smoothly on the middle conveying raceway.

10. This induction heating furnace has double stations, staggered feeding and staggered discharging, and the V-shaped groove at the feeding end is mobile. The V-groove is installed on two linear slide rails and is operated by a set of stroke fixed-dead cylinders.

11. This set of induction heating furnace has dual power supplies. In order for the two sets of power supplies to work normally without interfering with each other, the common parts and the passing parts are insulated.