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Induction melting furnace installation considerations

Induction melting furnace installation considerations

1. The 400V 50HZ auxiliary power supply that meets the capacity requirements has been stationed at the site designated by the supplier.

2. The cooling tower is connected to the water and the suction duct required for vacuuming. Water pressure, flow, wind pressure and suction

The quantity meets the requirements of the supplier.

3. The site should have the necessary free-use hoist induction melting furnace to match the construction.

The induction melting furnace installation will be carried out according to the plane layout drawings confirmed by both parties. The installation location of the induction melting furnace , which is determined by the buyer according to the site conditions , includes the cooling tower, the transformer, etc., and the system induction melting furnace (furnace body, power supply) in one Within a reasonable distance.

The induction melting furnace is installed. Before the induction melting furnace is commissioned, the buyer should prepare the following items:

1. Completion of the connection on the high voltage side of the transformer and all other necessary provisions of the power supply department before commissioning

Test, the transformer is put into operation.

2. Provide distilled water, tap water, and softened water required for the cooling system.

3. Provide the operator of the furnace and carry out the construction of the lining (the technical guidance provided by the supplier).

4. The supplier shall guide the installation and commissioning of the induction melting furnace or the supplier shall be responsible for the installation and commissioning of the induction melting furnace .

5. The supplier shall provide the documents “J–Technical documents, drawings and operation and maintenance manuals”, including civil works.

The required induction melting furnace floor plan.

6. The supplier is responsible for the construction quality and the management and safety of the construction team.

7. The supplier will send engineers to the maintenance personnel for induction furnace maintenance, maintenance and operation training. Training will run through

Inductive melting furnace installation and commissioning process, and after the normal operation of the induction melting furnace , the operator is introduced

Authentic, safe methods of operation and personal protection knowledge.

8. After the installation, commissioning and trial operation, the final acceptance will be carried out, and the acceptance report will be signed.